PUBG Missions Season 7 – Week 4 Mission List & Mission Explained

PUBG Mobile season 7 New Missions List , PUBG Season 7 Week 4 Mission List & Mission Explained . As you all know PUBG Mobile weekly challenge week 4 challenge missions has unlock now. Here in this article we will talk about PUBG Mobile season 7 week 4 challenge missions & Easy way to complete all missions . So don’t waste your time lets get started. Read full article carefully .

PUBG Week 4 Missions List – Season 7

Here are PUBG Challenge Missions for week 4 , Season 7 .

This 4 Missions are for Elite Royel Pass 

1. Kill 5 enemies with S1897 ➼ RP 75

S1897 शॉट गन से आपको 5 एनीमी Kill करना है

2. Kill at least 2 enemies from the same squad 2 times in classic mode ➼ RP 150

एक ही Squad के 2 बंदे को Kill करना है दो बार (2 Times)

3. Kill an enemy from 200M away 3 times ➼ RP 75

200 मीटर की दूरी से आपको एनीमी क्लिक करना है ( 3 Times ) 

4. Reach platinum tier or above ➼ RP 75

platinum tier  पर पहुंचना है या ऊपर 

For Free Royale Pass missions

5. Land on top of any building in the school area 3 times ➼ RP 50

school area की कोई भी एक बिल्डिंग के ऊपर आपको लैंड करना है ( Erangle Map ) 

6. Kill 5 enemies with Kar98k ➼ RP 50

kar98k से आपको 5 एनीमी Kill करना है

7. Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L ➼ RP 50

SCAR-L से आपको 20 Kill करना है

8. Open 3 Air Drops ➼ RP 50

तीन बार आपको Air Drops करना है

9. Kill an enemy 30M or more away with grenade ➼ RP 50

30 मीटर की दूरी से आपको ग्रैनेट्स से Kill करना है

10. Get a Lv.3 Helmet in 10 Matches ➼ RP 50

लेवल 3 का हेलमेट लेना है 10 मैचों में

PUBG Mobile Missions Season 7

You can choose any server Like North America , Europe , Asia, South America , Middle East, & KRJP to complete the above given missions .If you have to complete early missions then you can choose Middle East Server , Because you will get boat in the Middle East Server .

PUBG Missions are essentially a series of tasks that you have a set amount of time to complete. Doing so will earn you rewards.

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